Wedding Reception Venue

I was sitting in my office today when I received a phone call from a young women getting married in Sandusky Ohio. She was looking for a DJ for her entertainment at her wedding reception. We talked a little and I found out she did not have a hall for her wedding reception. So I gave her my opinions on what to look for when renting hall or banquet facility. First thing to do is figure out how many guests you are inviting to your reception. This will have a major influence on your choice of halls or banquet facilities. For example some smaller halls cannot hold more than 100 people. Some banquet facilities have a minimum number of guests. So if your head count is lower than this they will not let you book the room as they could book it out for larger parties. This is not an exact count but some of the smaller halls or banquet facilities for 150 or less in the Sandusky area are. Sandusky VFW, Sandusky American Legion, Sandusky UAW, The Grotto, The Realtor Hall, Sandusky Elks, Sandusky Orioles. In the Norwalk Area: Norwalk VFW, Norwalk UAW, Norwalk American Legion, Milan Town Hall – Free to all Milan Residents. 150 People or more in the Sandusky area; Kalahari I have done events up to 1,000 people at this location, Sandusky Yacht Club, Castaway Bay, Lyman Harbor, Messenburg’s (Huron area) Colonnade (Milan area) and Bronson’s in Norwalk area. Second thing to consider is budget how much per person you are going to spend on dinner. Does this include drinks? Tax? and Gratuity? All these need to be factored into your budget unless you are having a cash bar or bringing in your own alcohol. Most Banquet Facilities will not let you bring in your own alcohol. On the other hand most Halls like the VFW’s and UAW’s will allow you to bring in your own Next is location. What are you looking for? Great View, Elegant Room / Building, maybe it is a destination wedding and you need a hotel close by. For great views the top halls in the Sandusky area are Sandusky Yacht Club and Lyman Harbor. For elegant rooms the top banquet facilities are Sandusky Yacht Club, Colonnade, Lyman Harbor, Kalahari and Messenburg’s. The other halls are not bad you just have to do your own decorating. Hopefully you found this information helpful. I will write more as a think of things.


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