Wedding Monograms

Custom Projected Monograms, your wedding DJ can project your name, wedding date, custom monogram on the dance floor or behind the head table even in the entrance way.

Camden Falls Before Up Lighting and Monogram
Before Up Lighting The Head Table At Camden Falls Tiffin Ohio
Camden Falls After Up Lighting and Monogram
After Up Lighting The Head Table At Camden Falls Tiffin Ohio
Huron County expo Building Projected Monogram Behind The Head Table
Monogram Behind Head Table in Toledo Ohio
Dance Floor Monogram At The Kalahari Sandusky Ohio
Custom Monogram Behind Head Table In The Starlight Room Lyman Harbor Sandusky Ohio

The above pictures are of Custom Monograms taken in local reception halls in the Sandusky Ohio area.

Row 1 Taken behind the head table at Camden Falls in Tiffin, Ohio.

Row 2 Left is a monogram behind head table with up lighting (Lightscaping) at the Huron County Ohio Expo Building. Right is Stone Ridge Gulf Club in Bowling Green Ohio head table monogram.

Row 3 Left is a dance floor monogram in the Compass Point room at Lyman Harbor in Sandusky Ohio. Right is behind the head table in the Starlight Room at Lyman Harbor



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